Vegetable Glycerin - VG

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Vegetable Glycerin

  • US Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Kosher Certified

Our Vegetable Glycerin is the highest quality available at the most competitive price. Our carrier base liquids are crystal clear and absorb concentrated flavorings readily and hold onto it for even distribution. This results in a consistent taste in your product. Our odorless, colorless carrier bases are completely safe, easily dilute with water and maintain their properties in storage.

When you use it in your recipes, you will be adding quality VG to your mixes that you can depend on to perform every time. We sell our VG in a variety of sizes for the DIY or commercial applications. If you don't see a size you need, just let us know.


Best liquid ever! This clear liquid has a honey consistency and needs to sit in a hot bath during flavor mixing. I can't rave enough about this product! I went from spending $20 per 20ml of store vape juice to mixing my own with Delosi for a fraction of the price.My coils went from lasting a week to lasting at least two months! I love how easy this product is to use and how smooth my vape juice always turns out. I feel safe and confident that my juice made with these products are the safest and healthiest on the market. If it doesn't clog and burn my coil out, it must not be leaving all that junk in my lungs and for that I am very pleased.
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