Mega Sweet Concentrated Flavoring

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  • Kosher ID


Mega Sweet Concentrated Flavoring.

  • Water Soluble, USP Food Grade, Propylene Glycol
  • Kosher Certified.
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • No added colorings
  • Always food-grade.

Mega Sweet! The sweetener you have been waiting for.

Liquid sucralose based MEGA CONCENTRATED sweetener. Designed for on-the-spot sweetening without changing recipes or altering taste!

  • 2-3 Drops sweetens an entire 15ml bottle (depending on the flavor profile of your liquid.) PLEASE USE SPARINGLY and test after each drop!
  • Won't change your flavor.
  • Won't separate or settle.
  • No need to re-formulate for customers who love your recipe but prefer sweeter juices.
  • Can be used IN a recipe, just make the conversion from drops to ML that you need.
  • 1 Drop = approximately 1 teaspoon of sugar sweetness.
  • each 10ml = approximately 250-300 drops. That's enough to sweeten 125 bottles!

1L = 1000ml or approximately 25,000 - 30,000 Drops.

Different droppers produce different sized drops. You may only need 1-2 drops if your drops are larger. For consistency, always use the same style droppers or re-evaluate the amount used with new equipment.

If adding to pre-bottled liquids at room temperature, it is HIGHLY recommended to re-warm your product to evenly distribute the sweetener when shaking; Especially if you have High VG Recipes. If you are making on demand and your product is already warm, simply add, shake test.

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Recommended Usage:

  • 2-3 DROPS / 15ml bottle. More if you can stand it!


1.5 ml for 180ml of e liquid and watch your senses come alive.
I’ve been testing several sweeteners lately, Mega Sweet showed up, so I had to try it out. At first I didn’t think it was a strong as some of the other sweeteners I’ve tested (I tend to shake and vape), but after letting it steep for a few days it really kicks in, so I do agree about the strength. This is an excellent artificial sweetener.

For more in depth reviews:

I just love this sweetener if you need to sweeten your juice this is the boom
Thanks again nicotine labs very well done
I had the opportunity to get a sample of this sweetener soon after its development. I can only repeat what has been stated by my customers, "this is a Game changer!" This product mixes well, sweetens your mix with no "aftertaste" and it definitely make your mix sweet with only a "few" drops. Call the doctor and stock up on your insulin cuz your gonna need it w/"Mega Sweet!"
The best thing about this sweetener is that it simply sweetens on the spot. I still use Sweet Vape Original and Vanillin but this is the sweetener we needed for our line of flavors. We simply couldn't use enough of the other without throwing off our PG/VG Ratio's. Now we can cut harsh tobacco edges with the Sweet Vape Original and sweeten it up with Mega Sweet. Shoulda called it Mega Perfect! Our customers got crazy with the samplings so we now offer it as a post-purchase option. We also have some of our flavors in duplicate (with and without sweetener) on the testing tables so they can get an idea of how it will taste for them. Amazing, how the same recipe can taste so different!
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