Fruity Pebbles Type Concentrated Flavoring

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  • Kosher ID


Fruity Pebbles Type Concentrated Flavoring.

  • Water Soluble, USP Food Grade, Propylene Glycol
  • Kosher Certified.
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • No added colorings
  • Always food-grade.

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Recommended Usage:

Because of the high amount of natural extracts used in this product, it contains naturally occurring citrus oils and is recommended as follows:

  • 1 drop per ounce to your food or beverage, more or less to taste.
  • Use Ethyl Maltol or equivalent sweetener to round harsh edges (Sweet - Original)
  • Best when adding cream or milk flavors and additional sweetener for that "bottom of the bowl" sweetened milk taste.



This isn't "cereal" enough but the fruit flavors are spot on and go great with the cereal base. I was able to get a good recipe out of these..
I gave this a 3 star because I can taste the resemblance of fruity pebbles. The problem is that there is nothing in the description that tells you THIS IS THE UNSWEETENED version of fruity pebbles
shouldn't have mixed 10 % ratio lol should have read these reviews before mix but i can definitely taste the fruity pebbles
Best flavors ever I made with this. Really good by itself or with banana.
this one is really good. but i dont really think is tastes anything like fruity pepples but it still is really good, i would say it tastes more like a sweet tart candy.
It not fruity pebbles . Does taste Like sweet tarts . Back to the drawing board on this onec..
3% or lower without any Ethyl maltol or milk and you will get a harsh skittles like taste. Works best with cake batter, vanilla cream, Sweet vape original, custard and some sweetener. Youll be swimming in a bowl of cereal before you know it! Id ad a little cereal base as well or perhaps even some AP. for this price you cant go wrong experimenting
Good Flavor, nothing like fruity pebbles though. PAY ATTENTION TO THE 3% OR LOWER! I did not my first time and thoroughly regretted the mistake. I mix mine with sweet cream and it edges the chemical taste that kinda remained, even at 3% ratio
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