Strawberry Concentrated Flavoring

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  • Kosher ID


Strawberry Concentrated Flavoring. Natural extracts will give you a truer flavor without the added colorings and artificial after-taste.

  • ONLY Natural Extracts.
  • Water Soluble, USP Food Grade, Propylene Glycol
  • Kosher Certified.
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • No added colorings
  • Always food-grade.

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Recommended Usage:

  •  1 drop per ounce to your food or beverage, more or less to taste.


Excellent flavor! Love this one! I mixed it 50-50 with Pineapple and it is superb!
Very nice flavor use it in mothers milk clone great bananas and strawberry also great
Mixed this with Delosi Cheesecake and Love it love it love it!!
Once again...awesome spot on flavor when mixed at the correct %. Strawberry from Deloci is one of our best sellers.
I'm new to DIY and very glad I discovered Nicotine Labs and Delosi flavors. This tastes like pure fresh ripe strawberrys. All other fruit flavors I've had either taste like Jolly Ranchers or something completely different. I am totally sold on Delosi.
Lots of flavor again fibulas job...a little goes a long way good by its self great mixed with a cream
I love this flavor, it was the first flavor I ever ordered in larger than sample amounts, and I've run out yet again and I need to restock. I love the simplicity of this flavor and the fact that I can just mix and it and forget about it, since it tastes great as a single flavor mix. I like strong flavors and I mix high-nicotine juice, so I use around 15% right now - but I also haven't been steeping it. I imagine the sweet spot is probably a bit lower - I am new to DIY.
Absolutely well done. Full body of flavor with subtle hints of fresh and ripe!
Really great flavor! Tastes natural! Great stand alone flavor...havent tried mixing it with others yet but im sure a little bit of this with the cheesecake flavor wpuld be great
Very good
One of the best strawberry flavors I have vaped. 1:10 ratio = perfection.

Sigelei 150w
150w @ 6.7v .3ohms
Nice quality on this one, havent got anything bad to say.
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